Barack Obama's Popularity: Yes We Can?

President Barack Obama was ushered into office with an incredible amount of fanfare. A nation was tired of his predecessor's reign, and a new era hope was the cause for much joy across the country. However, that was nearly six years ago, and the public opinion of Obama has changed significantly. If Obama wishes to provide inspiration with his personal story of success, then there's no better tale. He was an ordinary boy who worked hard to become the man he is today. Yet, if Obama wants to leave a lasting impression as one of the best presidents the U.S. has ever seen, then he still needs to prove himself worthy. He only has two years left of his final term, but chances are he will leave a lasting mark if he works hard to keep his promises.

Obama's Rise to Popularity

Obama began his political career in Chicago where he quickly rose through the ranks to become a senator for Illinois. He previously worked as a law professor, and he was the author of an autobiography that described his childhood and his quest for education over the years. The book quickly became a bestseller, and it made him a household name across the country. Thus, Obama's popularity did not appear overnight. He had a gradual and steady climb to the forefront of America's mind

The future president dueled against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party nominee. The fight was close, but Obama won in the end. However, that did not keep him from naming Clinton as Secretary of State after he secured the vote of the American people and the electoral college. The fight for the presidency was long and colorful against candidate John McCain and his Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Obama was pretty much a shoe in despite a tough battle to the finish. He graciously accepted the reigns to the country in a star studded event held on the White House lawn during his first inauguration in January 2009.

Obama's campaign motto "Yes We Can!" resonated with millions of Americans across the county. He was the savior that the people wanted, needed, and believed could change the country for the better. His opening speech was full of hope and prosperity for all from the wealthy to the poor. Freedom was his priority, and it was his mission to ensure that everyone in America had it.

The Beginning of Change for America?

The majority of America ushered in Obama's presidency with welcome arms. Minorities were overjoyed that a black president had been elected. Barack Obama made history becoming the first ever black president of the United States. This proved to be a major step forward for the country as a whole. However, the opposition drew question of his eligibility because his birth certificate was closely guarded. Members of the Republican party and media outlets claimed he had been born in Kenya. A factor like this would make him ineligible to be President as any incumbent leader must be a natural born citizen.

Today, many question if Obama was the lesser of two evils when faced with determining the leader of the United States of America. Has he done everything possible to make the country better? Has he broken promises that he made for the good of the people? In all honesty, this is a hard question to answer. Nobody can expect one man the change to world in the four short years of his first presidency win. Thus, he was elected for a second to ensure his victorious fight to the finish. Yet, it is still a daunting task for one man to pull off. Changing a country for the better is what he is a tough game to play.

The Future of Obama's Legacy

The lasting impression of Obama's presidency has yet to be decided. He still has two years left in this term, and that is a long time left for him to prove his worthiness once again. The people of America, as a whole, have been less than impressed as many feel he has done nothing but make empty promises. However, others are more than welcome to defend the nation's leader thanks to programs like the Health Care Act also commonly called "Obamacare." People still believe in the President's ability, but time will tell how history views him. The overall opinion is divided, and only Obama can determine the course of his remaining days as the Commander in Chief.