Eminem Posters

Who is this controversial singer

If there is one word that perfectly describes this rap and hip hop superstar as well as his particular music style, then unquestionably that word would be 'controversial';. Yet, this characteristic does not drive away people's desire to buy Eminem records or Eminem posters. To the contrary, controversial is a word that his fans find very appealing.

Eminem, who together with partner-in-rhyme 50 Cent recently announced their summer tour called 'Anger eminem posters blackManagement 3'; will hit the road beginning July 17, will be going on tour for the first time since the release of his latest album, 'Encore'. In fact, 'Encore' was only released on November 12, 2004 and is already approaching five times platinum sales in the United States. Not bad for a young suburban kid who's been in the music industry for only a decade. No wonder both Eminem posters and 50 Cent posters are in great demand these days!

Known for having a character that touches the limits of wittiness and sarcasm, Eminem likes to speak up his mind in whatever terms he wants or finds more-at-hand, often falling into freestyles that the underground audience loves but the rest of society often finds rude, offensive, and disrespectful.

The begining

The roots of this popular white rapper's character probably date back to his childhood, which wasn't exactly an easy one. Born in Kansas City, young Eminem and his mother travelled back and forth between Kansas City and the Detroit metropolitan area, until they finally moved into the Eastside of Detroit when Eminem was 12 years old. A rebel at heart, he turned to rap as a means to cope with his otherwise painful existence. Switching schools every two to three months made it difficult for the young man to make friends or stay out of trouble. Besides rap, the kid also found joy in frequently battling his schoolmates in the lunchroom. Eventually, he dropped out of school and worked several minimum-wage-paying jobs, but his music remained the focus of his life.

Like his early years, young rapper's road to stardom was far from easy. His debut album, 'Infinite' was released in 1996 and portrayed young hip hop artist enthusiastically rapping in such manner that he was accused of sounding like rap stars Nas and AZ. As the album did not receive a good response from the American public and the Detroit hip hop scene did not seem to let him in, Eminem decided to change his approach and started working on a project he made for himself and which later would become known as the 'Slim Shady EP'.

Doing it for himself

He figured that if he made an album for himself which really pleased him, then he would succeed regardless of people's response to it. He's got quite a rational side.

Contrary to what had happened with his first album, 'Slim Shady EP'- released in 1997 - quickly caught the public's attention and the 'ear' of hip hop's very-hard-to-please underground because it featured numerous mocking lines about local music industry stars and personalities, as well as devious rants about life in general. At this time, the record sales and Eminem poster sales really took off!

Eminem really rose to stardom by simply presenting himself as himself. One person that greatly influenced and speeded his way to success in the rap and hip hop music sectors was Rap Coalition's Wendy Day. The young rapper had happened to give her a copy of the 'Infinite' album at a chance meeting, which resulted in her helping him secure a spot at the Coalition's 1997 Rap Olympics in Lost Angeles. The young hip hop star ended up winning second place in the freestyle competition. Also, eminem picture 8 mileduring the trip, the rapper and his manager, Paul Rosenberg, gave some people from Interscope Records his demo and the next thing they knew, Eminem was making his major radio debut on the world famous 'Wake Up Show' with Sway and Tech. Opportunities are there to be seized, they say, and he knew this perfectly well. Realizing that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, he gave his best on this show, and his astounding performance and unique lyrics left people talking for weeks! Good and bad, we must say. But the good thing is that he left them talking. After a few weeks, most Americans had heard of Eminem and a large number also had some sort of opinion on him.

Not long after, Eminem recorded the underground classic '5 Star Generals', a record that helped him become known in New York, Los Angeles and even Japan, in addition to earn a spot on the inaugural Lyricist Lounge tour. This tour drove Eminem to tour a significant part of the United States and sing in many of the country's most important cities and stages.

Controversial lyrics

After that, the bold and unique rapper never stopped creating controversial lyrics and freestyles, producing singles, releasing records, or getting in trouble. But that's who he is, and his hundred thousand fans respect that. He released 'Slim Shady LP' in 1999, 'Marshall Mathers LP' in 2000, 'The Eminem Show' in 2002, and 'Encore' in 2004. There are several different Eminem posters for each one of these albums currently available.

Although Eminem has only released six albums to date, his music together with his unique and often negative way of looking at things have reached the most distant places on the planet, his singles being played on radio stations all over, his videos being aired on music stations across the world, and Eminem posters being sold from the United States to China.

A singer that definitely captivates his listeners, Eminem admits that he says things that he knows will shock people, but he also makes the distinction that he does not do things in order to shock people. Today, this unique hip hop artist is a music icon that represents our right to speak up our minds, even when we don't have anything positive or nice to say. It's our right, after all, and none exercises it better than this controversial rapper.

Eminem sees himself as someone who is an 'all round emcee', that is, someone who can write songs and flip different styles. Well, his music as well as Eminem posters truly and genuinely reflects all that.